Sweater Hair

I may have gone,
But you let me go
Over the Hudson
and through the snow

To Mama D’s house you go.
A processing plant,
A big red elephant –
And now I see the snow.

It’s white and soft,
Tall and long,
She’d be quick with some wit
And a dance to that song.

Adventures, designs,
Reading, the signs,
Similar things
She brings, she brings.

The list goes on
And on and on,
Of all the things
I’m so stuck on .. and on.

Like hair on a sweater,
It barely comes off.
It’s drawn like I’m drawn –
A flame to a moth.

It can go, it can go,
But it will be back.
It can go, it can go,
I hope it will be back.

Better than ever…
Even better than that.
Purple powered energy
With hardly any black.

I know what I wished for…
What about you?
Take one guess.
I’ll even give two.

Did you also make a wish?
I wonder what it was?
Muccis and Mermaids?
And nothing but love?

I’ll give a hint on mine.
It might involve you.
I still find your hair
On my sweater, in my shoe.

And every time I do,
It reminds me of you.
It reminds me of us.
It reminds me of Mu.

I’m still confused.
Confused about you.
I know I loved you.
Are you sure you loved me too?

I really think you did.
At least I really hope so.
I may have gone, Mermel,
But you let me go.

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Hollow Words

Image result for actions speak louder than words Image result for actions speak louder than words

I once believed that actions were everything.

I’d often hear that phrase “actions speak louder than words” and I gradually convinced myself that words meant nearly nothing.  That phrase really spoke to me!  It makes sense that the best (written) movies are silent.  I was so convinced with the complete power of actions that even when I knew words were valuable, I still talked of how words pale in comparison.  Nothing is as true as what happens and what has happened.

One day I started realizing that people sometimes actually felt this way about my words.  I couldn’t believe it.  How could someone say that about my words?  They must not know me.  Or.. this phrase got to them too!

I take my words – in any form – very seriously, so in light of these sparse injustices, I realized that although well-intentioned I’m sure, this phrase “actions speak louder than words” was really giving words a bad rep!  It was dampening the default meaning of words across the world!  No!!  We must restore value to the word!

Until graduating from teenager, words as I knew them were great for a few things.  First, describing emotion – I liked this one.  Second, coordinating day-to-day general logistics – a necessary evil.  And lastly – most fun – for adding flavor spice.  Just, they weren’t so great for other people’s longer-term plans and promises.  As the world turns, I’ve been disappointed by people selling general sets of spoken words arranged as optimistic plans, only to fizzle out into unexecuted action.  I’m not talking about a lie (malice obviously claiming the highest degree of deception).  I’m talking about not following through with the understood intention of words expressed.  Getting someone’s hopes up, only to fall short.

To me, this kind of unfulfilling hypocrisy is the dominating reason why words truly lose their value.  This is when some sets of words become meaningless.  When someone’s words are unreliable, he or she is unreliable.  Eventually, enough broken promises and unachieved goals lead to hollow words and damaged trust.  But of course words can grow just as strong as they can wither weak.

When I was 27, I got into some serious writing in the rainforests of Costa Rica.  I had a great topic to write about (life after “death” – inquire within) and I wanted to explore more of the word.  I also wanted to explore more of the world.  I love how one letter can completely change a sentence.  I’ve found that just like exploring new terrain and immersing into new cultures, so do the landscapes of words open our eyes, expand our mind, and unlock our world to new perspectives.

This serious writing of the word led to more serious talking of the word.  I started giving more life to the words I spoke – more weight.  Save for some sarcasm, my general principle is to say only what is honest and intentional – meaning, I do my best to execute on what I say I will do, otherwise I better have a dang good excuse why I didn’t.

To me it’s clear, that while actions may often speak louder than words, words have value too.

Words can dig graves for trust to be buried, or they can erect mountains of prosperity for all the world to appreciate.  Words stretch the limits of our vocabulary and our imagination.  How far will a rubber word band stretch before it’s no longer elastic?

Writing words helps me work through concepts and strengthen beliefs.
These words have helped me decide that the value of words depend on their smith.

Craft on crafty one and keep it real.  Your words have value if you allow them to.


WordsIn forms
Some like metaphors
The rhythmic nature of adjectives and nouns
Gracefully adverbally transitioning into
The next line
Prepositionally underneath
The next line
The next line
The next line
Writing letters together
Conjunctions that connect to
The next line
Orders of your choice
Writer’s choice
You’re the dealer
Choose your best hand
How crafty can you be?
How much is your pen free?
Meanings in languages only we can understand.
Or at least we try to understand
What does any of it really mean?
Words in orders the dealer chooses
And no one can stop you but you
From dealing your perfect hand.

Logical Language

Rambling stream of a sleep-deprived lunatic
Howling at the moon with a whisper
Cryptic messages hidden through recognizable words
Recycled articles rearranged into unique combinations
1,000,000 monkeys on 2,000,000 typewriters
Infinite verbal algorithms equating to different quotients
Logical sequence of thoughts represented by letters, ordered in a pleasing manner for comprehension and enlightenment
Nouns, verbs, adjectives and so forth
Writing lines of code
Choosing 1 of 6,500 spoken languages
7,400,000,000 people on this planet
2,000,000,000 English speakers (20% as their first language)
1,090,000,000 people speak Mandarin (83% as their first language)
Sanskrit, hieroglyphics, love
Shakespeare, Thoreau, Hemingway, Twain
Magical wordsmiths crafting math into art with fire-stoked thought
These are the words used to express the idea
Which ones will you choose and in what order?

Valley Forge

valley forge park
It’s a Nice Day For a Hike
I say to two passersby in the overcast of rain
“Great day” they one-up me
And I’m alone again
Or so it seems
These trees
I walk alone
Amongst the stones
And that toad
There he goes
We feel what it means to be free
Thanks to the soldiers of encampment number three
Commander-in-Chief number one
Revolutionary War
No gunfire here
A mild winter
Just inner struggles
Naked and starving
Fidelity and perseverance.
Feeling the rush of history
Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.
baron von steuben statue
My foot hurts from all these rocks.
Some had no shoes.
My vehicle is parked close.
There could be British soldiers around the corner.
I have a spaghetti dinner at home with left over grilled buffalo wings.
They were lucky if they had bread and water.
My foot doesn’t hurt anymore.
I am alone.
Or so it seems.
The spirits of 6,000 are with me.
I feel their energy
This is what it’s like to be free.
I am not alone.
Spirits are with me.